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normalmap Plugin working on mac?

Discussion in 'GIMP for Mac' started by Spooky, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. Spooky

    Spooky New Member

    Nov 5, 2008
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    Hello, everybody.
    First off: I'm sorry to come in here asking for help (noobish help ;) ) in my first post but it seems that no where else other than on a Gimp forum I can get answers to my questions.

    The thing is - I switched to apple not long ago and was looking for a way to create normalmaps from greyscale Bumpmaps. Comeing from windows I know there were several very good working applications and plugins (xNormal, the NVidia Plugins for Photoshop, the Normalmap Plugins for GIMP, ...). Unfortunately all that is not available on Mac.
    Now there is a normalmap plugin for GIMP - which is precompiled for Windows use. Apparently Ubuntu also has a plugin compilation which has it included (so it does work on other platforms) - only for mac there doesn't seem to be any solution.

    The thing is - I have absolutely no clue about compiling GIMP myself. I didn't know anything about it on Win and have even less knowledge on Mac, either.
    So my question is - is it possible to compile that plugin alone and make it work with GIMP on Mac or do I need to compile the whole package from source?
    Can someone else who knows about what to do compile it and sent it to me or do I need to compile it on my machine, myself?

    I guess my chances are slim to none but if someone could actually could help me (compile it for mac and make it available if possible) that would be really really awesome.
    Yes I really am absolutely clueless. 8O

    thanks for any hint or help. :)

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