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how to;Concept Art like the Pro's?

Discussion in 'General GIMP help' started by Seloquin, Apr 19, 2015.

  1. Seloquin

    Seloquin New Member

    Apr 18, 2015
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    Hello, im not a new user of gimp to say, however i have mostly been using my mouse in the past until recently when i up and got myself a tablet.

    i use my tablet for simple things like filling in areas and smudging, but would like to learn to create great concept arts like the pro's.

    when i see someone create great art i feel confused, it starts out just massive blotches of paint being reworked over and over.

    i guess what im asking is, will someone please mentor me and teach me from the ground up how to create great works of art, its something i've wanted to learn for a long time. im hoping to learn how to use my tablet effectively picking up good habits and how to create concept art; the steps you guys make and such. im sure it would be something many more gimp users would benefit from also.


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