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Gimper Rules of Conduct

Discussion in 'Info and Announcements' started by David Wood, Apr 21, 2015.

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    It will be assumed that every user has read (and by using this forum, agreed to) the following rules. No excuses about 'not knowing the rules' will be tolerated.

    Gimper.net Rules and Policies:

    Welcome to Gimper! We hope you find us to be a fun, helpful and welcoming community!
    The staff will try to do their jobs as silently as possible without interfering to the best of their ability. You are generally free to talk about whatever you want as long as it is in the proper forum. However, there are some very necessary rules that must be adhered to for the enjoyment and safety of the community here.

    First and foremost, any staff member has every right to act on the breaking of rules however he or she sees fit, even if that infraction is in the gray area. Use your common sense and you will be totally fine.

    Locking / Deleting Guidelines

    1. Blatant stupidity.
    2. Flaming and useless insults. This may result in a ban.
    3. Duplicate threads - by that I mean creating a new thread on a topic already covered in an existing thread. Stay on topic in the original thread and you can avoid this sort of thing.
    4. Discussing methods used to aid in the illegal proliferation of copyrighted material is not allowed. If you want to make a political statement by declaring your resolve in not purchasing MP3 music is one thing, but discussing methods on the distribution of such will get your thread locked or deleted. Making a habit of this will get you banned.
    5. This is a website where anybody, regardless of age, race, gender and religion should feel welcome and safe. Infringing on any of these rules will result in an immediate ban. Staff will discuss your case and may get back to you.

    Three Warning Guidelines

    Committing any of the following will get your self a Warning, if you have managed to get yourself three Warnings in a short period you will be Banned.

    1. Trolling
    2. Flaming will not be tolerated here. If you want to have a "heated" discussion with other members, PM them
    3. Troublemaking. Starting problems for the sake of stirring up waves will get you removed.

    Disciplinary actions for the following will be up to the involved staff member.

    Money affiliate and spam links.
    Not showing respect to staff, ignoring warnings, testing patience.
    Expressing sexist, racist, or any other discriminatory views.
    Otherwise hateful, demeaning or rude remarks to any person (including people not on the forum, such as political figures, celebrities, etc.)
    Swearing will generally not be allowed, with the exception of it being used in art.
    Signature and Avatar restrictions (all previous rules apply to signatures)


    1: Only 2 sig images (plus a team banner or banner won in a contest) per member.
    2: These guidelines must be followed. Edits will ensue if they are not. If we need to repeatedly edit your sig we'll be forced to take other action.
    3: No nudity or suggestive content, let's keep this forum family-friendly.
    5: Animated sigs must be no larger than 300x50 pixels.
    6: No more than 5 lines of text (not including image code)
    7: You may link with your signature.
    8. Two links are allowed in your signature.
    9. Max signature dimensions 600x250


    1: Animated avatars are allowed.
    2: Avatar size is 100x100 pixels.
    3: No nudity or suggestive content, let's keep this forum family-friendly.
    Note: Any staff member may, at their discretion, give allowance to a given user to bypass any of the above restrictions.


    Members also request to know what the forum ranks are. In order to change your rank a certain number of posts are needed. Here are the ranks and required number of posts.

    0-49 Posts - Newbie

    50-99 Posts - Jr. Member

    100-249 Posts - Full Member

    250-499 Posts - Sr. Member

    500+ Posts - Hero Member

    Please give all staff the respect they deserve. This is a volunteer position that they took up to serve the community. Thank you for your participation in this community!

    -The Staff

    Gimper rules updated: April 21st, 2015
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