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New Profile Posts

  1. KiT
    KiT Mackenzie
    approved sorry about that
  2. Mackenzie
    I posted a new thread and I'm wondering when will it be approved to be displayed publicly?
  3. sz.balazs.95
    Altera 6 is here! Also Altera is 2 years old today! :D Oh, and Merry Christmas! :)
  4. Mamen Ferri
    Mamen Ferri
    I'm just fine now
  5. sz.balazs.95
    minimal v0.7 out now! :D
  6. sz.balazs.95
  7. Cyrilshark
    Cyrilshark KiT
    Hey there - for some reason I've lost all privileges to post on the forums. Could you look into that? Thanks :)
    1. KiT
      please try now - sorry for that - some user permissions weren't correctly migrated.
      Aug 18, 2014